Bid Strategy Development and Support

GainingEdge has a proven track record in assisting clients in finding, evaluating and securing new international convention opportunities. Our experienced global team will work with you to identify opportunities, define bid strategies and undertake crucial market intelligence and research activities. Growing Leads. For companies, destinations or venues looking to develop international markets we provide expertise and knowledge, starting with lead collection, qualification and prioritisation. Our approach is collaborative and ensuring that the knowledge, skills and abilities of your team grow is a key priority for us.
  • Global team working across all regions with deep industry expertise and contacts
  • Exclusive global database access which offers cost and time effective market intelligence specifically for the MICE industry
  • Sales process establishment including associated technology selection and implementation
Winning business. Behind every successful bid is a well thought through strategy, supported by solid research, a structured bid management process and the right levels of stakeholder engagement. We work with you to develop bid strategies, which take into account all the critical success factors, and fully demonstrate, as well as build upon, an in-depth understanding of your client’s unique needs.
  • Development of comprehensive strategies, including competitive multi-city competitive bid analysis and recommendations
  • Bid process management support, including Staff training and development to build knowledge and expertise on bid strategy and the bid management process.
  • Creation of bid documentation, from templates through to bid response and quality assurance

Ambassador & Local Host Development Programme

An Ambassador Programme engages local industry leaders and leverages their contacts & influence. They are designed as incubators for potential local hosts for international conventions. This method is used by cities to help anticipate future business prospects and to also enhance bid strategies and maximize success. Previous local hosts usually have the knowledge and experience for bidding and hosting international conventions. GainingEdge can help you to develop a well structured programme, where we carefully match your needs to suitable patrons and then facilitate a programme between both parties to achieve your desired outcomes. In addition to their in-depth knowledge, proven experience and considerable international connections, an ambassador will be an influential advocate of your proposition.
  • Ambassador Programme establishment. Including: selection criteria, recruitment and retention strategy, programme benefits and management process
  • Programme design, planning and facilitation; ambassador on- boarding, workshop and other core activity facilitation
  • Advice on future Ambassador Program seminar content & presentations.

Business Events Branding Advice

Most destinations already have key elements of a sub-brand for Business Events (meetings, conventions, incentives and exhibitions.) We work with destinations to undertake a business events sub-branding process, in consultation with your key stakeholders to ensure that the brand extension is broadly supported and thus more effective. Through this process we work with you to ensure a clearly defined sub-branding including elements often overlooked by destinations such as destination product positioning, differentiation, creative brand treatments, consistency in imaging and messaging. Our approach will result in the following:
  • Stakeholder engagement – broad support for the new approach
  • Support and market insights on your brand through our global experience and reach
  • Clear instructions to your creative agency or in-house creative team for brand development and treatments and applications for advertising, media and collateral materials
  • Support to your creative agency and/or in-house marketing team

Development of City Business Events Strategy

A well thought through and clearly articulated strategy is an essential component of any business planning activity. We work with our clients to ensure that the transformative economic opportunities Business Events brings are fully explored, qualified and quantified. Leading global Business Events cities and countries have clear long-term strategies guiding their strategic direction and focus. GainingEdge works with cities and countries, in all geographies, to develop and continually refine their strategic business plans. Strategic business plans outline long-term goals and objectives based on a broad understanding of the economic impact, competitive landscape, stakeholder requirements, required investment, and the associated realities of strategy execution. Working in partnership, the facilitation and development of strategic business plans will typically cover the following areas:
  • Government & industry stakeholder input
  • Competitive analyses
  • Priority industries and markets
  • Long term goals, KPI and strategic roadmaps
  • Previous CVB assessments

Subvention Programme (Financial & Non-Financial Subsidy)

Many cites and countries currently have a myriad of both financial and non-financial aid (on-site support, event marketing and delegate boosting) to attract local and international events against set criteria.  Meeting organizers have come to expect this from any serious host cities. A subvention programme is almost mandatory to compete on a global level. GainingEdge brings specialised knowledge of this strategy in the development of new subvention polices & programs and in the review of existing ones. This includes consideration of:
  • Appropriate and effective model
  • Clear outcomes / ROI for subsidies
  • Business case for meaningful funds
  • Appropriate level of consistency
  • Leverage global best practice

Industry Partnership Programme

Securing large international meetings has a better rate of success through a citywide approach to bids. Our team will work with you with the aim to not only create a platform for your industry partners to support bids but in addition to create an effective means of creating industry cohesion & education, together with an additional revenue source. We can assist in the development of an annual Industry partnership plan, comprising of an Industry partnership-marketing prospectus, which aims to encourage participation through collective resources, a pricing model and a partnership strategy. Ultimately having a strong industry partner programme in place will ensure a unified local industry and increase your global competitiveness in attracting large international meetings.

Product Development

Often destinations have amazing product elements but fail to capitalise on it due to poor product definition, product packaging or a supplier community that’s not savvy on presenting the product. Furthermore, meeting organizers expect new innovative products developed exclusively for their event to create that wow factor. We undertake destination assessment to deliver a clear product definition, packaging, and innovative new product creation. This includes
  • Comprehensive city-wide product review
  • Introductory workshop with the city’s leading suppliers.
  • Client Forum of select high potential international buyers to gain customer feedback on product and presentation.
  • Clients would participate in post-tours during which suppliers could showcase their products.
  • Product Development Workshops with the CVB and suppliers to refine the product offerings and presentations, and development of an innovative new product.

In-Market Sales Representation

Success in securing international conventions and meetings is highly influenced by relationships established in market. It's often not viable for most destinations to establish dedicated offices in market. GainingEdge can help deliver a destination or CVB presence in its key target markets on a scalable basis, from part time to dedicated full time sales and business development resources. GainingEdge operates globally - with sales people in all major markets representing clients from all parts of the world. These representatives would be sales focussed with clearly defined targets, and key roles can cover the following: Lead generation; Bid research and presentations; Trade show attendance; Sales missions; PR and Media; and Client relationship management. With a global network of business development people based in UK, Australia, Singapore, China, Sweden, India and USA, GainingEdge currently provides in-market sales representation to Best Cities Global Alliance, South Africa, Malaysia, Tokyo and Guadalajara.