Market Demand Analysis

We offer developers our strong knowledge in project development support. We have consulted on both new and expansion projects for facilities in Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman and London. This experience and our global network in the convention industry allows us to work with developers to determine current and anticipated demand levels for the proposed expansion of the new centre. Our market and operational consultants collaborate to bring both client and operator perspectives to every engagement. This includes insights that target markets and users that would potentially use the facility; building configuration and specifications to respond to market needs; operational considerations; and overall market demand analysis. Upon request we undertake primary research seeking insights from international industry stakeholders, meeting planners, and professional conference organisers (PCOs) and combine these with existing market data on target markets to develop a clear market view.  

Market Overview & Destination Assessment

A clear overview of the marketplace and destination determines the positioning of the development. We provide a concise picture of the competitive landscape in terms of profiling local, national and regional facilities, current meeting activity, and future trends to assess the competitive marketplace in which the proposed facility would operate and how the new facility may complement or compete on a regional basis. We undertake a 10-point destination assessment based on key criteria clients use to assess convention destinations. We provide a profile of community attributes, analysing the economic, aesthetic, and destination-attractiveness attributes and other convention related infrastructure (e.g., hotel room inventory, air access and promotional support). Market insights would include local brand perception, market trends, opportunities, business drivers, and priority markets.

Feasibility Study

Convention & exhibition centres are developed because of the social and economic benefits these projects can generate in terms of fiscal impacts as well as trade and intellectual engagement. These benefits include professional development, trade and research links, exports, foreign direct investment and strengthening knowledge and creative economies as well as the direct impacts of increased spending, employment and tax revenues. We can assist stakeholders in determining the benefits generated by operations of the proposed centre on direct spending by various users plus indirect benefits and more notional impacts such as branding and tourism.  Included is a benefits analysis and business case in relation to the anticipated impacts of the centre. We provide preliminary financial projections for the convention & exhibition centre. For these projections, we specifically consider:
  • Occupancy and related revenue from local, regional and international meetings, conventions and events to develop an annual business mix / calendar of events;
  • Pricing levels based on local market, and comparable markets;
  • Operating expenses including labor, facility management, repairs & maintenance, sales & marketing, utilities & overheads, etc.
Assumptions are based on discussions with local government and industry contacts and secondary research. Demand levels are supported by interviews of the target market - domestic, regional and international meeting planners, clients. We summarize findings in the form of income & expenditure projections usually for a 10 year period. Where required we prepare a full financial feasibility including NPV analysis.

Site Assessment

For clients who are in the early stages of selecting a site for their new facility we have developed an in-depth site assessment process. This service has proven to be very successful in identifying the planning elements that ultimately will influence the facility's marketability, operational efficiency and overall success. As part of the assessment process our specialised consultants conduct a thorough review of the site, including a  detailed SWOT analysis, and then provide comprehensive recommendations in relation to any concerns identified. This process covers issues such as road access, complementary developments, neighbouring infrastructure, surrounding land uses and  future expansion planning needs. This is a collaborative approach, where we work with your team and other key stakeholders such as local government officials, planners and your architectural teams.

Design Reviews

Optimum design is critical for high operational efficiency. Our market and operational consultants collaborate to bring both client and operator perspectives for design considerations. We ensure that the design considers attributes important to the client of today and tomorrow. We recommend possible modifications to enhance operational efficiency, and provide quantitative evaluation of features and elements that impact future operational success. We make recommendations on the Facility Specifications including configuration and size of exhibit, plenary, meeting and ballroom spaces, lobbies and pre-function areas. This is usually undertaken through design review workshops comprising the client, project managers, architects, engineers and other specialist consultants supporting the project. In our experience these structured workshops are an ideal method for the review of the design and generation of ideas, concepts and solutions in a collaborative and timely manner.

Venue Management & Operational Advice

The ultimate success of a convention & exhibition centre, once built, is contingent on the expertise and capability of the management team operating the facility. There are multiple operating models available including i) owner operated management, ii) outsourced management to specialist convention & exhibition centre operators, iii) outsourced management to integrated hotel operators. Our advice includes advantages and disadvantages of each model, and our recommendation of the most suitable model for the proposed convention & exhibition centre with due regard to location, target market, and overall facility mission. The recommended model would seek to balance ownership control and expertise in facility management. We also provide support in the tender, evaluation and negotiation process for the appointment of a suitable convention & exhibition centre operator.   We have strong relationships with leading facility operators and management companies and augment our consulting team with operational specialists for all aspects of the project including market, management, operations, financial, design and structural issues and pre-opening services.

Pre-opening planning support

We provide preliminary operational insight and recommendations in relation to key pre-opening activities including Staffing, Sales & Marketing, Communications, Hand-over, Soft Opening, and Official Opening. The goal is to ensure that the new venue will be functioning smoothly and to the highest standards in terms of its financial, commercial and technical operation on opening.