Talent Acquisition

GainingEdge Talent Acquisition

because the world needs great leaders

Across geographies, industries and marketplaces, there is one constant:  success requires great talent.

Whatever transformation your organization is facing – GainingEdge is committed to helping you address key business needs and identify the world-class talent needed to execute your strategy.

At GainingEdge, we know what great leaders can do. We share one goal: to empower our clients to drive lasting positive change through leadership. Each search engagement is customized to the specific objectives and dynamics of your needs.

Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing people remains constant. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach. That means assessing people’s ability to be successful in specific roles and industries, with unrivaled access to senior managers and executives and impeccable judgment.

GainingEdge is an end-to-end solution provider within the Talent Acquisition Industry.  We work at all levels of organizations: we can provide sustainable recruitment solutions, and interim management staff to DMOs, Convention Bureaus, Convention and Exhibition Centres and International Associations.


GainingEdge  is unique in our industry in providing interim management capabilities which can be integrated with executive search processes.  . This synergy works extremely well for our clients who need an interim manager until the right leader can be found or released from their current role. When we provide interim management with search we are able to  combine our understanding of the organisation’s needs with insight from the interim manager to find the right long-term executive.

Once engaged, we work with our client to define required business outcomes, key competencies for the interim manager profile, performance metrics and other deliverables.

Working with GainingEdge Talent Acquisition gives you immediate access to our select pool of interim managers who have the knowledge, experience and gravitas necessary to step into leadership roles with immediate impact to help your organization face challenges and periods of transition

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Association Development Services

Associations play a vital role in the developed world and the nurturing of stronger association communities is essential to economic transformation in developing economies.  Associations deliver a wide range of social and economic benefits:
  • Professional development / continuing education / knowledge exchange
  • Capacity building
  • Industry research and development
  • Accreditation and self-regulation
  • Policy development
  • Creative collaboration / innovation
  • Business, trade and research networks
Developing a stronger association market also strengthens a destination’s local host communities and helps them to be more successful at attracting regional and international conventions.  This in turn drives a strong global trade and intellectual engagement opportunity for the community and nation. GainingEdge works with clients to devise association development programs – building new communities and strengthening existing ones.  These programs involve creating national and regional societies of association executives for the purpose of promoting professionalism in the association management field.  These societies are able to offer continuing education in relation to association management issues and also technical assistance for professionals who are interested in forming new associations. In addition to current association development projects in Malaysia and South Africa, GainingEdge demonstrates its association management credentials through its management of BestCities Global Alliance – the world first global alliance of convention bureau.  These cities are Berlin, Cape Town, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Melbourne, Singapore and Vancouver.