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If you work for or with a convention bureau, GainingEdge is pleased to provide the following courses.

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Industry Overview

  1. Intro to Business Events Industry Associations
  2. Industry Acronyms and Terms
  3. Key Service Providers and What They Do
  4. Industry Trends
  5. Competitive Environment
  6. Partnerships, Networks and Coopetition

Market Insights

1. Association  Market: overview, trends & developments
2. Corporate & Incentive Market: overview, trends & developments
     a. Incentive Market Workshop
3. Exhibition Market: overview, trends & developments
4. Leisure Market
5. Market Overview – Asia, Australia, China

Purpose and Role of DMOs & Bureaus

1. Destination NEXT – Strategies for the Future
2. Sales and Marketing in the Post COVID Era
3. Stakeholder and Community Engagement
     a. Government Relations
     b. Industry Partner Programs
4. CVB Audit of Products and Services 
5. Transitioning to New Norm for Destinations & CVBs
6. CVB Assessment and Benchmarking

Convention Bureau Operations

1. Bureau Structure, Functionality & Governance
2. Human Resource Management
3. Bureau Budgets and Funding Models
     a. Subvention Programs
4. Strategic Planning
5. Sales & Marketing Plans
     a. Sales Goals, KPIs and Performance Monitoring
6. Sales Tools and Technology

Business Events Sales & Business Development

1. Lead Research and Qualification
2. Ambassador Programs
     a. Incubating Local Hosts
3. Bid Process and Strategy
     a. Bid Workshop
4. Trade Show Management
     a. Working a Trade Show
     b. Exhibition Stand Assessment
5. Business Events Servicing and Support
     a. Attendance Promotion
6. Best Practices in Site Visits and Familiarization Trips
7. Presentation Skills
8. Sales Tools

Destination Marketing & Branding

1. Brand Strategy Overview
     a. Business Events Branding
     b. Leisure Travel Branding
2. Digital and Social Marketing for Business Events 
3. Working with the Media
4. Marketing Tools

Destination Planning and Management

1. Tourism Master Plans and Destination Roadmaps
2. Destination Assessment
     a. SWOT Workshop
3. Product Development for Business Events
     a. Tourism vs BE Products and Services
     b. Incentive Product Development  
     c. Product assessment, competitive indexing
4. Destination Development Best Practices
5. Risk Management
     a. Crisis Management Planning

Value and Impact of Business Events

1. Business Events vs Tourism
2. Business Events and Economic Transformation
3. How to Measure, Case Studies 
4. Building a Business Case for the Industry
5. Creating Economic and Legacy Impacts
     a. Outreach Programs
     b. Legacy Case Studies