For inquiries on professional development please contact, Chloe Menhinick, Partner – Association Consulting

If you work for or with an association, GainingEdge is pleased to provide the following courses:

Association Strategy

  1. Digital Transformation of Associationsi.Writing an RFP  
  2. Evolving the Business Model
  3. From Sponsors to Partners
  4. Realising Association’s Vision through Legacy Planning
  5. Strategic Planning Fit for an Uncertain World
  6. A Brand Narrative to Support the Vision
  7. Association Workforce development
  8. Associations and the UN SDG’s

Overview of Meetings

  1. Benefits of Hosting Association’s Meeting
  2. Getting Started with Convention Bureaus
  3. How to Bid for Association’s Meeting
  4. Bidding and Hosting Made Easy
  5. Local Host Case Study
  6. Search for Local Heroes


  1. Membership Development Fundamentals
  2. Membership Engagement
  3. Membership Recruitment
  4. Membership Renewals & Retention
  5. Planning for Future Leaders
  6. Building an Online Membership Community
  7. Association Communication Essentials

Event Management

1. Event Design from Impact to Legacy
2. Essentials of a successful hybrid event
     a. Monetising Virtual/Hybrid Event
3. Social Programs
4. Technical Programs
5. Risk Management
6. Event Budgeting and Finance
7. Communications
8. Pre-planning