GainingEdge Scholar

As part of our commitment to the industry, and as another extension of our CSR, we have developed the GainingEdge Scholar program which recognises the importance of providing meaningful work experiences to students who wish to pursue careers in the business events industry and who demonstrate outstanding potential for future industry leadership.

Every year we select one student to serve as the GainingEdge Scholar for that year.  We work with them to develop a project which will accomplish the following:

  • Make a significant contribution to the industry
  • Deliver a meaningful work/learning opportunity to the student
  • Help the student to gain practical industry experience
  • Provide a strong addition to the achievements section of the student’s CV
  • Connect the student to an industry network that will help them pursue a successful career

Meet the scholars here.

How the GainingEdge Scholar Program Works

The Project – Each year GainingEdge will select a student and work with them to develop that year’s project.  In general, the project should include research and development of a report.  Also, it should be of benefit to the industry.

Report Distribution – The report will be the shared IP of GainingEdge and the student.  GainingEdge will decide on report distribution which can include on its website and other forms of distribution to the industry as warranted.

Stipend – GainingEdge will provide a stipend to the student during the time of the internship.  The internship will be fixed-term and have a specific start and end date with the scope of work (SOW) agreed between GainingEdge and the intern.  The intern and GainingEdge will agree to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in relation to the project, SOW, Level of Effort (LOE), activity plan and expected outcomes.

Mentoring – GainingEdge will designate team members to help mentor the student and so that the student has go-to people when needing support and advice.

Scholar Benefits –  In addition to practical project experience, the program also provides an opportunity for the Scholar to attend a major industry event.  Also, GainingEdge intends to develop a GainingEdge Scholar section of its website and students and their work will be featured on that site.  Over the course of time there will be a developing alumni group of GainingEdge Scholars which we hope will become a helpful network to the scholars.  Also, they will be able to add their participation in the program to their CVs and their reports to their portfolios.  GainingEdge will endeavor to remain in contact with its scholars and to be supportive to them during their careers.

For more information please contact us or meet the scholars here.


GainingEdge organises GainingConnections activities at trade shows and industry events during the year, such as IMEX Frankfurt and the ICCA Congress. These consist of:

- Educational events
- Business leads exchanges

Please contact us should you wish to participate in these events or would like to know when the next activities are taking place.