Feasibility Study

Convention & exhibition centres are developed because of the social and economic benefits these projects can generate in terms of fiscal impacts as well as trade and intellectual engagement. These benefits include professional development, trade and research links, exports, foreign direct investment and strengthening knowledge and creative economies as well as the direct impacts of increased spending, employment and tax revenues. We can assist stakeholders in determining the benefits generated by operations of the proposed centre on direct spending by various users plus indirect benefits and more notional impacts such as branding and tourism.  Included is a benefits analysis and business case in relation to the anticipated impacts of the centre.

We provide preliminary financial projections for the convention & exhibition centre. For these projections, we specifically consider:

  • Occupancy and related revenue from local, regional and international meetings, conventions and events to develop an annual business mix / calendar of events;
  • Pricing levels based on local market, and comparable markets;
  • Operating expenses including labor, facility management, repairs & maintenance, sales & marketing, utilities & overheads, etc.

Assumptions are based on discussions with local government and industry contacts and secondary research. Demand levels are supported by interviews of the target market – domestic, regional and international meeting planners, clients. We summarize findings in the form of income & expenditure projections usually for a 10 year period.

Where required we prepare a full financial feasibility including NPV analysis.


GainingEdge organises GainingConnections activities at trade shows and industry events during the year, such as IMEX Frankfurt and the ICCA Congress. These consist of:

- Educational events
- Business leads exchanges

Please contact us should you wish to participate in these events or would like to know when the next activities are taking place.