Community Engagement

At GainingEdge, we firmly believe that we should give back to the communities we work in through volunteer groups, non-profit organisations, charitable donations or other means. Every year, all our team members will nominate a charity which will be recipient of a financial contribution.

In the past, we have contributed to the following organisations and their causes:

  • Fund A Future (Children AIDS Organisation), Republic of Zimbabwe
  • Celebral Palsy Alliance, Australia
  • Starlight Foundation Melbourne, Australia
  • Little Sisters of the Poor, Malaysia
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres
  • The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya
  • Melbourne City Mission, Australia
  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Malaysia
  • Fitted for Work, Australia
  • Second Chance Animal Shelter, Malaysia
  • Malaysian Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children

We also provide reduced rate specialist consulting support for NGO/AID projects

Accessible Meetings for All with BestCities and Rehabilitation International

In 2018, we undertook a research project jointly with BestCities Global Alliance and Rehabilitation International with the aim of showcasing case studies and best practices in making meetings and conventions more inclusive for delegates with disabilities. Our project goals are 2-pronged:-

  1. Get suppliers to be more mindful and delivering better services to people with access challenges
  2. Get meeting planners to establish improved guidelines for their access expectations

Destinations around the world adopt accessibility practices on different levels, driven by their own policies and legal regulations. Adherence to codes is the minimal approach. We want to encourage suppliers to go beyond minimal and be proactive even if it surpasses legal requirements. It is our intention that by reviewing and sharing best practices, there will be more awareness and more demand for accessibility for all participants.

Click here to visit the Rehabilitation International website.

Download the Executive Summary from here and download the full report from here.