GainingEdge Facilitate Dynamic & Vibrant MyCEB RoundTable

GainingEdge facilitated the Malaysian Researchers Roundtable organised by the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) on the 14 December 2010 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Participants: Business development, lead research and sales staff involved in association meetings research and sales.

Duration: 1 day
Format: Presentations by Malaysian lead researchers, round table discussions and a panel discussion involving 2 Malaysian association executives.


  1. To bring Malaysian lead researchers and business development executives together;
  2. To provide opportunities for participants to share common issues and exchange information;
  3. To give an insight to the Malaysian local host’s perspective
  4. To develop the participant’s research, strategic thinking and presentation skills;
  5. To develop team working skills and nurture relationships among competing organisations.

Malaysian Researchers Roundtable programme “Inspiring & Empowering Malaysia’s Lead Developers”

30 participants from six Malaysian organisations attended this workshop, which had the support of the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA). The programme was opened only to ICCA Malaysia members which comprised Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Sarawak Convention Bureau, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, AOS Conventions & Events (PCO) and Borneo Adventure (DMC).

The guest association speakers were Datuk Dr Soon Ting Kueh, President, Chemical Institute of Malaysia; and Mr Sam Tee, the Malaysian member of the World Clown Association. Datuk Dr Soon is in the process of bidding for the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies Congress 2015 while Mr Sam Tee has just won the World Clown Association Annual Convention 2013. These speakers spoke about their challenges of being a local host to their association’s international convention, and their sense of fulfilment when the bid was won. They both now look forward to their events being hosted in Malaysia.

The presentations by the participants covered a variety of topics from life as a MICE researcher, to the SMERF market and what that means to Malaysia; from tips on how to use the ICCA Database of association meetings, to how to target events in priority industry sectors.

ICCA sent their team of global researchers from its Asia Pacific Office in Malaysia to this event and provided ‘clinics’ on how to use the ICCA database to look for leads, and optimising its various features to research association meetings.

Participants later broke into 2 discussion groups and shared views and suggested solutions to the day-to- day issues that confront them in their work as lead researchers:

  • How to set up your own database
  • Use of social media in your research
  • Relationship between CVB and Convention Centre researcher executives Relationship between Sales and Research executives
  • How do you incorporate ICCA Data into your CRM
  • Do different market segments (association vs corporate) require different database structures
  • How to determine genuine buyers at trade shows
  • How to get potential local host on board
  • How to research the corporate meetings market
  • How to prioritise and evaluate a lead.

This one-day programme was enthusiastically received by all participants who looked forward to sequel editions.

“The Researchers Roundtable serves as a good forum for MICE and Association personnel to show knowledge, experience and expertise in bidding and hosting of meetings, conventions and exhibitions. It provides good materials for MyCEB education, training and professional development.”. Datuk Dr Soon Ting Kueh, President, Chemical Institute of Malaysia (IKM).

“The Researchers Roundtable has not only taught me the ways to improve my research skills but also to understand the many aspects of the MICE business, as well as providing me the opportunity to meet the people behind the business.” Mike Cheng, Research Officer, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

“The Researchers Roundtable is an excellent bedrock for the researchers to discuss issues and share intelligence on the business tourism industry.” Leong Quee Ling, Business Development Executive, MyCEB