Film Commission Establishment

Film commissions contribute to the development of buoyant, competitive, sustainable local economies through the development of the film industry and film-related activities in a specific region. We have a dedicated team consulting on the establishment of film commissions and can offer a full range of consulting services. Our services are divided into three phases, planning, activation and development. In addition further add on services and programmes can be provided giving you tailor-made services to fit your specific needs.

Attracting film and video production to an area generates locally-realised benefits from hiring local crews and talent, renting local equipment, using hotel rooms, rental cars, catering services, or any number of goods and services supplied on location. We provide our clients with  the necessary tools to ensure success in generating these benefits.

Association Development Services

Associations play a vital role in the developed world and the nurturing of stronger association communities is essential to economic transformation in developing economies.  Associations deliver a wide range of social and economic benefits:

  • Professional development / continuing education / knowledge exchange
  • Capacity building
  • Industry research and development
  • Accreditation and self-regulation
  • Policy development
  • Creative collaboration / innovation
  • Business, trade and research networks

Developing a stronger association market also strengthens a destination’s local host communities and helps them to be more successful at attracting regional and international conventions.  This in turn drives a strong global trade and intellectual engagement opportunity for the community and nation.

GainingEdge works with clients to devise association development programs – building new communities and strengthening existing ones.  These programs involve creating national and regional societies of association executives for the purpose of promoting professionalism in the association management field.  These societies are able to offer continuing education in relation to association management issues and also technical assistance for professionals who are interested in forming new associations.

In addition to current association development projects in Malaysia and South Africa, GainingEdge demonstrates its association management credentials through its management of BestCities Global Alliance – the world first global alliance of convention bureau.  These cities are Berlin, Cape Town, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Melbourne, Singapore and Vancouver.

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